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Runway works

Safety is the priority at Perth Airport, and upgrades and regular maintenance are essential to ensure continued safe operations.

Fog is a relatively uncommon occurrence at Perth Airport, with only a few days each year impacting aircraft operations. In the past twelve months, there were seven days where flights were impacted by fog.
Perth Airport is investing $36 million to upgrade its infrastructure to a Category III (CAT III) aerodrome to improve runway visibility during adverse weather, such as fog. The upgrade is scheduled for completion in 2018.
The upgrade will improve Perth Airport’s operational effectiveness and provide greater certainty to passengers and businesses.
The upgrade to a CAT III aerodrome involves: 
Phase 1: Installation and commissioning of transmissometers 
The transmissometers are now certified for use, and became operational on Friday 26 August 2016. This immediately gave airlines an operating advantage by reducing the Runway Visual Range required for arrivals from 800m to 550m.
Phase 2: Installation of CAT III Airfield Ground Lighting
Scheduled for completion in 2017. This will give suitably equipped and CASA approved operators the ability to depart with lower minima, which significantly reduces the potential for diversion. 

Phase 3: Installation and commissioning of CAT III Instrument Landing System
In parallel with Perth Airport’s investment, Airservices Australia is upgrading its Instrument Landing System (ILS) for CAT III operations.  The installation works were completed in March 2017 and the 12 month commissioning process required by CASA will conclude by mid-2018.  

The scheduled works and associated runway closures are: 

Purpose of works   Dates   Main Runway 03/21  Cross Runway 06/24 
 Regular maintenance  Ongoing  Closed 7am - 12pm alternate Saturdays  Closed 7am - 12pm alternate Fridays
Airfield Ground Lighting testing &
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 
Friday 28 July to Sunday 13 August
 Closed 8am - 5pm  

As a result of these works, you may notice temporary changes to aircraft movements (either an increase or a decrease), however, the total number of flight arriving and departing Perth Airport has not changed and there has not been any change to flight paths.

If you have queries regarding the works, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team

Thank you for your understanding as we undertake these important runway works.