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Airside Driving

To meet the Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulatory requirements, and ensure the safety of all users of the airside, Perth Airport produces and maintains documented procedures for operation of vehicles airside.

The Airside Vehicle Control Handbook sets out the arrangements for the operation of vehicles airside. This Handbook must be read and understood by vehicle operators

The Airside Safety Awareness Guide is developed for people working airside to ensure they are aware of the airside hazards and associated controls. This guide incorporates everything the driver needs to know if they are operating on roads or aircraft parking areas (are applying for an ADA Category 2 or 2.5)

The Runway Safety Awareness Guide is developed for those that require to work on or drive on the taxiways & runways and are applying for an ADA Category 3 or 4.

An Airside Map is provided to detail the airside driving categories

To obtain an authority to drive airside you will need to complete the training program in Perth Airports Learning management System, FlightPath