T1 Domestic - Ground floor (before security screening)
T2 - After security screening
T3 - Ground floor (before security screening)
T3 - Level 1 (after security screening)

T3 opening hours:
Ground floor (before security screening) Monday to Sunday 4:30am - Midnight
Level 1 (after security screening) Monday to Sunday 4:00am -Midnight

T2 opening hours:
30 minutes before first flight to final flight

T2: +61 8 9479 5747
T3: +61 8 9479 5928 (before security screening)
T3: +61 8 9477 5013 (after security screening)

Website: www.hudsonscoffee.com.au

At Hudsons Coffee, our love for coffee and our customers is the heart and soul of everything we do. We take pride in making your coffee just right, every  time. We also believe great coffee deserves great food - from gourmet delights to classic favourites, there's something in our range for everyone. Dine in or take away, Hudsons Coffee is up early and stays open into the evening to get you flying any time of the day.


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