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Motorcycle parking

Premium, dedicated motorcycle parking facilities are now open.

The motorcycle parking facilities are located close to the terminals, just a short walk to check-in, and feature enhanced security including dedicated entry and exit gates, improved CCTV coverage, perimeter fencing and purpose-built pedestrian gates.

How much?

At just $5.50 per day, motorcycle parking is fantastic value for two-wheeled travellers. While you can't book online in advance, you'll find plenty of bike bays available.

Where can I park my motorcycle?

Motorcycles can only be parked in one of the designated motorcycle parking areas in each terminal precinct:

Terminal  Motorcycle parking area 

Terminal 1 (T1) Domestic

Terminal 1 (T1) International

Terminal 2 (T2)

Located within T2 Short Term car park - see map

Terminal 3 (T3)

Terminal 4 (T4)

Located within T3/T4 Short Term car park - see map
General Aviation Located within Regional Terminals car park - see map

How do I enter and exit?

Entry, exit and payment of motorcycle parking fees is by credit/debit card only (a 0.55% surcharge applies).

Entry instructions

(1) At the car park entry, use the motorcycle entry lane and ride around the boom gate.

No interaction with the car park ticket machine is required. Follow signage to the motorcycle parking area.

Motorcycle parking at Perth Airport 

(2) To enter the motorcycle parking area, simply tap or insert your credit/debit card at the entry machine.

Your card will act as an electronic ticket. A printed ticket won't be issued. Cash is not accepted.

 Motorcycle parking at Perth Airport

Exit instructions

(1) To exit the motorcycle parking area, tap or insert the same credit/debit card you used to enter, at the exit machine.

Your card will be charged and you can proceed to the car park exit.

Motorcycle parking at Perth Airport

(2) Exit the main car park via the motorcycle exit lane and ride around the boom gate.

No interaction with the car park ticket or payment machine is required.

Motorcycle parking at Perth Airport

More information

Enforcement measures may be undertaken against motorcyclists who fail to use the motorcycle parking facilities.

Motorcycles with three wheels or sidecars are not permitted to use the motorcycle parking facilities and must park in standard car bays and pay the applicable parking fee.

For further details, please see motorcycle parking area terms and conditions.

Supporting Telethon

All revenue from the first month of operations of the new facilities will go to Telethon to support their work in building a better future for Western Australian children.