About us

Australia's Western Hub

Perth Airport is Australia’s Western Hub providing the people of Western Australia with a critical link to the rest of Australia and the world.

The Perth Airport estate is situated on 2,105 hectares and has sufficient capacity to expand and meet projected commercial aviation demand for decades to come.

Post Covid, Perth Airport has had a strong recovery and is serviced by 27 airline partners that operate to more than 50 destinations. Our airport operates 24/7 and is one of the most important infrastructure assets in WA.

Western Australia’s resources sector helps drive the economic growth of our State and Australia, creating jobs for tens of thousands of Western Australians and generating economic value and social and cultural benefits for our nation. The resources sector relies heavily on its Fly-in, Fly-out (FIFO) workforce. And those FIFO workers rely on Perth Airport to get them safely on their way to where they are needed and to help bring them home.

Perth Airport provides economic, social, and cultural benefits for Western Australians by connecting people, business and communities, and providing support for local communities. It strengthens cultural, family, and social bonds as well as supporting business, tourism and leisure travel.

Our commitment is to deliver the airport Western Australians need and deserve – an airport which provides the capacity and efficiency to give passengers a seamless, quality travel experience.