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Menzies Aviation

24 May, 2016
Menzies Aviation

Menzies Aviation provides ground handling support such as cargo handling services, ramp services and cleaning a number of airlines at Perth Airport, including Jetstar, Thai Airways, Alliance Airlines, Etihad Airways, Scoot Airlines and Malindo Air.  There are 250 Menzies operational staff based at Perth Airport including 160 at the International terminal, and the remainder at T2 and General Aviation.  They cover at least 90 international flights and 60 domestic flights per week.  

Early morning 3.30am starts are not unusual and teams are rostered to work around daily peak periods and school holidays and Christmas. Staff have direct interaction with passengers as ticketing and boarding gate representatives, and work alongside flight catering companies such as Gate Gourmet, Qantas and Perth Inflight Catering.

Menzies Cargo can move anything in or out of the State or country, including food, livestock, flora and hospital and funeral equipment. Cargo is routinely inspected by Department of Agriculture to verify the cargo is as labelled.  On one-off occasions, such as the mosquito outbreak in Bali, collaboration is often more involved to ensure everyone is kept updated. 

Skystar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Menzies Aviation and plays a major role in aircraft ground handling at Perth Airport. With varied and interesting working days, Skystar staff have the opportunity to meet celebrities such as John Mayer and Jennifer Lopez when they have been in town. SkyTrader is responsible for facilitating the weekly movement of refugees for Australian Border Force charter flights – all part and parcel of the variety of things that happen at Perth Airport.