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Perth Airport welcomes Siemens to the estate

30 May, 2016

Perth Airport was recently selected by Siemens to design, construct and lease a new industrial premises to accommodate their large drive service centre.

As one of the largest providers of energy and resource efficient technologies in the world, Siemens’ Australian business experienced substantial growth during the mining boom, which resulted in the need to establish an Australian-based service facility.

Siemens’ required 3,100sqm of office and workshop space, including:  

  • substantial asphalt and concrete hardstand areas
  • large power supply
  • capacity for multiple heavy duty overhead cranes with 8.5m under-hook height, and 
  • substantial and highly technical integrated fit-out components, requiring extensive consultation with parties based all around the world during both the design and construction phases.

As the first Siemens facility of this nature to be constructed in Australia, there was no existing building design that could be drawn upon, creating significant challenges during the design and construction stages.

Thanks to close relationships with key Siemens staff and careful selection of the building contractor, Perkins TPD, Perth Airport was able to develop the facility while successfully incorporating design modifications.

Perth Airport was pleased to welcome Siemens into their new purpose-built facility on the Perth Airport estate in September 2015.