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06 October, 2016
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Did you know Ngala Perth Airport exceeds the National Quality Standard rating for looking after and educating your child? Priority is given to children of employees working on the Airport Estate. There are currently vacancies on multiple days.

Are you thinking of trusting your child to a child care centre? Ngala Perth Airport could be just what you need. Choosing a child care service is a very personal decision and each parent or guardian has criteria that are important to them. Ngala will do their very best to accommodate these needs. Staff from Emirates, Rio Tinto, Hertz, Toll, Qantas and Perth Airport have all chosen Ngala to look after their children.

Ngala look after children aged 0 – 6 years. They have a higher staff-to-child ratio than some childcare facilities and the Government requirement.
  • Under 1 year old = 1:3 (Government ratio is 1:4) 
  • 1 – 2 years old = 1:4 
  • 2 – 3 years old = 1:5 
  • 3 – 6 years old = 1:9 (Government ration is 1:10)
Ngala have additional relief educators in their core staff. When staff go on leave, the replacements are always well-known to the children and familiar with routines. 

Strict recruitment means staff are appropriately qualified and share the same working with children philosophy as Ngala’s. Only motivated, passionate educators provide children with the best care and attention.

Meals are cooked fresh onsite every day. The menus were designed with advice from a Ngala and Nutrition Australia nutritionist. All dietary and cultural requirements are catered to and the menu is rotated monthly. This means if the kids don’t like it after a few tries, the menu will change. Soup is a favourite in all seasons, especially pumpkin! Recipe and food suggestions from families are taken on board to improve the collaborative feel.

Ngala’s guiding principles flow to different aspects of assisting families by hosting workshops and groups. Ngala Perth Airport brings in services to compliment the needs of families, and also refer families needing more support.

All Early Learning Services are accredited and rated however Ngala have exceeded the National Quality Standards. Teamed with a warm, welcoming and purposeful environment, children have the best chance to learn and grow with their educators.

There are vacancies on multiple days and you’re welcome to contact Rachael or Sara on 9368 9340 or at [email protected] to discuss opportunities. It is well worth putting your name on the attached waiting list as spots can come up quickly.

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