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Don't forget Kevin! Perth Airport's Christmas travel tips

22 December, 2017

Perth Airport is experiencing a surge in international passenger numbers as the Christmas travel season heats up.

International passenger departure numbers jump by more than 40 per cent in the weeks leading up to Christmas, with more than 8500 people flying out each day. 

The big jump in international departures just before Christmas is then followed by a subsequent surge in international arrivals in early January as travellers return home.

But if you’re flying out and don’t like crowds, New Year’s Eve is your day as it is the quietest day for departures over the holiday break.

And if you have family or friends flying in, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are the quietest days for arrivals.

To help the travelling public, here are our Top Ten Christmas Travel Tips:

1. Bring your passport. Nothing worse than getting to the counter with your bags packed and your hopes up – but realising you’ve left your passports on the kitchen table. And make sure you have more than 6 months left on your passport as many countries won’t accept passports with less. 

2. Arrive early. Airports can be busy places at the best of times. At Christmas, passenger numbers surge with international passenger numbers jumping by 40 per cent. It may take a bit longer than normal to check in and get to your gate.

3. Book your parking in advance, online – it’s much cheaper.

4. Use the few hours you have to kill before your flight by completing your Christmas shopping. There are even some great competitions running at the moment – spend $100 or more on liquor at JR Duty Free and go into the draw for a chance to win a BMW i8.

5. Or if you’re feeling a little peckish, why not feast your eyes on some menus perfect for grazing and sharing such as The Crafty Swan Kitchen & Bar (their dining experience was designed by a Michelin-careered chef), Four Alls Brew House (try their wood fired crust pizzas) and newcomer Loco Poco (Spanish tapas for the win) to name just a few. 

6. Check which terminal you’re travelling from. Yes, we know it can be confusing. If you’re an international traveller, head to Terminal 1. You can also click here for more information. 

7. Be patient. Yes, the lines may be longer at security screening and passport control. The security attendants and border control workers will be doing their best to get you through as quickly as possible.

8. Don’t bring it! Christmas holiday time usually sees a surge in the number of items confiscated at security check points. And, unfortunately, these can include some Christmas presents such as nerf guns, cricket bats, basketballs, large perfume bottles and even cheesecakes. 

9. Don’t forget it! Whether it’s the latest iphone or grandma’s dentures – you’d be surprised at what gets left at airports. We’ve even had frying pans, ukuleles and a wedding suit left behind by distracted travellers.

10. Picking someone up? Remember it’s a busy time and flights sometime get delayed. Check the flight details on the free Perth Airport app and if it’s going to be late, make use of the free one hour parking in the long term car parks.

Oh…and don’t forget Kevin!!!!

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