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Unwrapping new parking choices at Perth Airport

16 December, 2019

Christmas has come early at Perth Airport with visitors now able to enjoy a leisurely coffee, drink or meal while not having to wonder how much their parking will cost.

With 2.5 million people moving through our terminals over the holiday period, Perth Airport has introduced a new service which allows visitors to park for up to four hours in any of the long-term car parks for just $10.

Perth Airport Chief Executive Officer Kevin Brown said the new offer is the latest in a series of changes to make the airport even more user-friendly.

“We are always looking for new ways to provide parking choices,” Mr Brown said.

“Christmas is a time for being with our family and friends and we understand that when you drop passengers at the airport you would like to spend some extra time with them before the flight departs. This offer lets you do that and have a few extra dollars saved in parking.

“You’ll now be able to park in the long-term car parks for up to four hours for $10 and take one of our regular free shuttle buses to the terminals.

“You can drop your passenger for free on the forecourt and while they check their bags in, you can head to the long-term park and be back in time to revel in the festive cheer in the terminals and have a coffee, drink or meal together.

“And you’ll know there is a set price for parking provided you are back within four hours. It represents great value for money and we think the public will embrace it.”

Mr Brown said the four hours for $10 option would continue after the holiday season ended.

“About 14 million passengers travel through our terminals each year and if they all turned up at the front door, you would never reach it.,” Mr Brown said.

“Parking close to the terminals is limited so the price for those bays reflects the convenience of being close to the front door and the need to manage congestion and availability.

“Drivers can also continue to park for free for up to one hour in any of the long-term carparks and then monitor the arrival of the flight on the Perth Airport app or car park screens before heading to the terminal to pick up their passenger.

“We also offer 10 minutes free parking in our short-term carparks so there is no reason to pay for parking if you don’t want to when coming to and from the airport.”

Mr Brown said if visitors to Perth Airport prefer not to park their car at the airport, there are also a range of alternative transport options.

“People can come to the airport by taxi, rideshare services, charter vehicles, and private and public transport bus services, and in 2021 they will also be able to come by train when the Forrestfield Airport Link project is completed,” he said.

Note: The first hour of parking in Long Term carparks remains free. The $10 set fee will apply to drive-up only vehicles which stay more than one hour but exit before four hours. This offer is not available online.

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