Responsible Business

Perth Airport is committed to conducting business and operations in a responsible manner through adherence to ethical, social, sustainability and safety standards.

Perth Airport’s guiding values are to deliver great service and the highest levels of safety and security for everyone. We think big, embrace the future and get things done!

Perth Airport is seeking to engage and collaborate with suppliers who share our commitment and approach to conducting business. 

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Perth Airport Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) supports the continued application of our commitment to advance social, environmental and ethical responsibility beyond our own operations to our supply chain. Perth Airport expects its suppliers to meet the minimum standards defined by this Code and fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations when conducting business with Perth Airport.

Download a copy of our Supplier Code of Conduct below:

Supplier Code of Conduct

Sustainable Procurement

Perth Airport is committed to being a sustainability leader within our community through operating and developing projects in a manner which minimises environmental impacts and by ensuring sustainability is considered in our business decisions. Our activities influence many suppliers, contractors and service providers and allows us to positively influence sustainability outcomes for both the airport and the broader Perth business community.

Perth Airport will incorporate sustainability into its procurement practices through:

  • Encouraging our suppliers and partners to apply sustainable business practices;
  • Aligning procurement decisions with Perth Airport’s Environment and Sustainability Policy, Sustainability Strategy, ESPG Framework and sustainability targets;
  • Designing projects for resilience against physical risk (climate driven or otherwise)

Perth Airport will support suppliers, contractors and service providers that demonstrate sound sustainable practices and which support our goals and allow us to meet our sustainability targets. 

Modern Slavery

As part of our broader human rights program, we are continuously improving our practices to identify and address modern slavery which may occur within our business, supply chains and across our operations.

Perth Airport  is committed to working with our suppliers and stakeholders to identify and address the risk of modern slavery practices in our supply chains and operations.

Our Modern Slavery Statement FY20 can be found here.

Our Modern Slavery Statement FY21 can be found here.

Whistleblower Protection  

Perth Airport recognises the value of transparency and accountability to its risk management and corporate governance frameworks, and supports the reporting of improper conduct.

Perth Airport  is committed to the protection of individuals who disclose information about illegal or improper conduct occurring within Perth Airport.

Perth Airports’s whistleblower program is a vital part of how we deter and identify illegal, unethical or improper conduct. 

Our Whistleblower Protection Policy sets out what constitutes a disclosable matter, the persons who will be protected if they make such a report and who reports can be made to.

Perth Airport has contracted Your Call Disclosure Management Services (‘Your Call’) to receive and manage your report with impartiality and confidentially.

This option allows you to:

  • Remain completely anonymous.
  • Identify yourself to Your Call only.
  • Identify yourself to both Your Call and Perth Airport.

The Your Call reporting options include:


Telephone:         1300 790 228

Online reports can be made via the website address listed above. You will be required to enter Perth Airport’s unique identifier code (PAPL6105). You may upload any relevant documentation and/or material that you wish to provide.

Your Call is also available via telephone between 9am and 12am, Monday to Friday AEST excluding national public holidays.

Perth Airport's Whistleblower Protection Policy can be downloaded below:

Whistleblower Protection Policy