A sense of arrival

From The Skies - Penny Forlano

Perth designer Penny Forlano’s installation – From The Skies – covers an entire wall of the Terminal 1 Arrivals area.

Uniting sky and earth through age-old, cross-cultural navigational tools – the constellation of Orion (The Hunter) and Pleiades (The Seven Sisters) – the art work sets a pattern of angled timber panels against a perforated ‘acoustic’ wall, inscribed with a quotation from Indigenous elder, Doolan Leisha Eatts.  A fitting welcome to Perth, written in the stars.

“Located in a prominent and high traffic area, and as the first place international travellers will see of Perth, it was important to me that the work was legible to a wide audience, even if some may only take a passing glance at the work. Together, Perth Airport and FORM have been wonderful to work with. Their dedication to the arts and commitment to the best outcome for the public enabled the project to be fully realised. It has been exciting to be part of airport transformation that is taking place.” – Penny Forlano