A warm welcome to Western Australia

Substratum - Carly Scoufos

The latest example of how our public art program is creating a unique sense of place hangs in the new T1 Domestic. This stunning suspended sculpture – ‘Substratum’ – by Australian artist Carly Scoufos is an eye-catching, 30-metre long suspended sculpture made of hand-woven copper wire that hangs above the central retail and dining area, drawing reference from geographical and topographical elements of iconic Western Australian imagery.

This unique artwork can be viewed from multiple vantage points and is also visible from the tarmac, especially with additional lighting focussed on the artwork for maximum effect during the evening.

“Working primarily across sculpture and installation, my art practice explores abstract and fleeting moments within natural phenomena and translates these into woven constructions of industrial wire.” – Carly Scoufos.