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Master Plan FAQs

You'll find important answers to questions relating to the Perth Airport Master Plan 2014 here. For a more comprehensive list of questions and answers, please download a copy of our FAQs.

The Airports Act 1996 (Commonwealth) requires that Perth Airport develops a Master Plan at least every five years. The Master Plan is a high level planning document covering a 20 year planning period. For the first time, the Master Plan 2014 incorporates Perth Airport’s Environment Strategy and Ground Transport Plan. Both the Master Plan and Environment Strategy are required to be reviewed every five years.

The Master Plan 2014 was approved by the then Commonwealth Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Hon Warren Truss MHR, on 9 January 2015.

You can download individual sections of the approved Perth Airport Master Plan 2014 document, as well as other related information including fact sheets, brochures and booklets from our website.

Copies are also available to view at Perth Airport Pty Ltd, Level 2 hKew Alpha Building, George Wiencke Drive, Perth Airport (near Domestic Terminals 3 & 4).

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In addition to our regular and ongoing engagement with communities through their elected representatives and other forums, the Master Plan 2014 development process included direct consultation with members of the public.

The community consultation process for the Master Plan included regular meetings with elected representatives and staff, and the opportunity for members of the public to attend information sessions in communities surrounding the Perth Airport estate during a 60 business day public comment period.

Members of the public were also able to make written submissions during this time. Perth Airport considered and responded to all submissions in developing the final Master Plan 2014 document that was submitted to the then Commonwealth Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development for approval.

The 'Vision for the future' of Perth Airport includes the consolidation of all commercial air services to new facilities around the site of the existing International Terminal (T1). This is referred to as the Airport Central Precinct.

Perth Airport is fully committed to the consolidation plan, with a privately funded $1 billion capital investment program recently completed.

We anticipate that the final stage of consolidation of all commercial air services will occur in the early 2020s, within the 20 year planning period of the Master Plan 2014.

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The consolidation of domestic commercial air services to the Airport Central Precinct is planned to occur in the early 2020s.

As part of the Master Plan process, we have undertaken extensive planning for long term aviation requirements, including the construction of a new runway, which has been protected as required infrastructure and planned for since the 1980s.

The new runway - along with continuing extensive upgrades to existing facilities and construction of new terminal infrastructure - will cater for the projected demand at Perth Airport over the 20 year planning period.

Perth Airport operates 24/7, providing an essential link for business and leisure travel, and meeting the needs of: 

  • regional communities 
  • interstate domestic travel, and 
  • international access to multiple global hub airports.

Maintaining operational flexibility is critical to supporting Western Australia's economy. Perth Airport is part of a national and global aviation network and, as such, flight times and schedules are not directly controlled locally. Any restrictions on the operations of the airport would result in significantly fewer air services being available to Western Australians and visitors to the State, and services would become more costly.

The Gateway WA project was completed in April 2016. 

The $1.1 billion project included the major upgrade of the road network surrounding the airport, and the freight and industrial hubs of Kewdale and Forrestfield. 

Gateway WA caters for future growth of freight and airport traffic in the area surrounding Perth Airport and eases congestion, particularly for commuter traffic. It also improves access to Perth Airport and surrounds.

For more information on Gateway WA, visit

Perth Airport estimates that the new runway project will take approximately five years to complete, with the runway being commissioned into operation towards the end of the decade, subject to actual demand during the period.

The forecasts of long-term aircraft noise impact around Perth Airport are used by local governments to limit the extent of noise sensitive developments in areas forecast to be most affected by noise. 

Airservices Australia designs and operates flight routes with aviation safety as its first consideration. Where it is able to, without impacting safety, Airservices will design or adjust flight routes to reduce noise impacts on communities. 

For more information on aircraft noise and how it may impact your property, visit the Aircraft Noise Information Portal.

Aircraft Noise Information Portal