Planning Coordinator

Jaxon, Planning Coordinator

What does your typical work day look like? 

A typical work day varies. Currently I’m working on detailed design of our Airfield Expansion Project, which includes our new parallel runway. I also oversee what is called our Airport Vision, which is essentially our detailed plan for where and how we expect the infrastructure of the airport to be developed in the next 5-10 years and beyond.

What do you like best about working here?

The airport is also, obviously, a hive of activity and there is always something different going on each day. Whether it be new or unusual aircraft arriving, or major events such as CHOGM in 2012 or AUSMIN in 2013, both of which I was involved in, there is always something exciting going on.

What are some of the airport’s additional benefits that you enjoy?

Perth Airport’s wellness program is fantastic. We have the ability to go to various healthy living seminars or be involved in lots of different fitness-related activities. Our social club is very active in organising events for staff with multiple sundowners held throughout the year, a day at the races and a golf weekend, which is probably the highlight.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining the Perth Airport team?

You will meet plenty of interesting people from all aspects of the aviation industry, not to mention those from the various other industries that we interact with. You’ll make many close friends while working at Perth Airport, not to mention have plenty of new mates to go mountain biking with!