Sarah Munro, Retail Business Development Manager

Retail Business Development Manager

Sarah Munro, Retail Business Development Manager at Perth Airport

What’s a day like at Perth Airport for you?

Perth Airport is a very complex environment, especially during times of infrastructure development, and so I truly can say no two days are ever the same! I can be negotiating new contracts, working with our existing retail partners on anything from project delivery to business development, or participating in workshops to improve customer experience on any given day. I love the variety and opportunities to work on exciting projects across the airport.  

What do you enjoy most about working at Perth Airport?

Our culture. We are encouraged to think big and be brave. I love how this supports creativity and collaboration across the business. It really helps to get things done if you are supported by other teams who are equally inspired and see what we are trying to achieve.

What are some of the benefits Perth Airport offers?

Flexibility, equality and professional development. Perth Airport supported my external studies and I have been fortunate to be guided in my career by talented mentors, which enabled me to grow into a new role. I also feel valued for the work I do. I am confident that my remuneration reflects my talents and capabilities – not my gender.
Having a young family, Perth Airport has been supportive of adjusted work hours, which halved my travel time to work without impacting my overall hours. I really felt the difference and meant I could spend more time with my son. When measured over the year it equates to a saving of 120 hours - that’s 16 working days! It’s incredible the impact a little flexibility can have on your work life balance.