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Airside Driving

To ensure the safety of all users of the airside, Perth Airport maintains systems and documented procedures for the control and operation of vehicles airside. In managing the control of vehicles airside, we collect and use personal information. You can view our privacy policy here.


The Airside Vehicle Control Handbook sets out the arrangements for the operation of vehicles airside. This Handbook must be read and understood by vehicle operators.

The Airside Safety and Driving Airport Operating Standard is developed for people working airside to ensure they are aware of the airside hazards and associated controls. This standard starts with general airside hazard awareness and moves through to everything the driver needs to know to safely operate airside. This standard supports the Airside Vehicle Control Handbook which details the processes to apply for and maintain an Authority to Drive Airside (ADA).

An Airside Map is provided to detail the airside driving Categories.

For new ADA, applicants will need to complete a training checklist and minimum log of hours


All aspects of company, vehicle and driver licensing are contained in the AIRDAT web-based systems that provide operators with an intuitive and user-friendly solution for managing the AOL, vehicle and driver permits, test bookings, training requirements, vehicle defects and driving infringements.

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Airside Operating Licence (AOL)

All companies operating vehicles unescorted on the airside are required to enter into an Airside Operating Licence (AOL) before they can start applying for vehicle permits (AUA). As part of this application, companies will need to provide an overview of their services, company structure, contacts and evidence of aviation third party liability insurance cover with a minimum limit of liability of $50 million.

Before commencing an AOL application its important that you email [email protected] with details of your requirements to drive on the airside. Only operators with a frequent and ongoing need to drive airside will be permitted to apply for an AOL and subsequently AUA and ADA permits.

For other Onboard help files including adding additional administrators and setting their permissions click here.

Authority to Use Airside (AUA)

All vehicles and mobile equipment requiring unescorted airside access must have a valid AUA permit, affixed to the vehicle and easily visible. To apply for an AUA you must first complete and sign the Airside Operating Licence (AOL) through Onboard.

Milestones associated with your AOL must remain current. Once expired you will not be able to apply for new AUA permits or renew existing permits.

During the AUA application process there are document uploads required including a copy of the vehicle registration (if registered for state roads), the latest mechanical service report and photos of the front, back and sides of the vehicle.

Vehicles must be marked with the company logo and fitted with the equipment required for the area of operation in accordance with the Airside Vehicle Control Handbook.

AUA permits are reviewed weekly and posted to the address you enter on the application. Please allow 14 days from submission for processing and post. If you do not receive your permit in 14 days please check the address on the application before emailing [email protected].

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Authority to Drive Airside (ADA)

Information for all ADA holders

ADA holders can login and view their ADA records and any associated airside driving infringements (points) or bookings for ADA testing made by their company administrator. Before registering a new account please check you don’t already have an account by following the forgotten password/login problems step below or check with your company administrator.

Only company administrators are permitted to book an ADA course for their employees, they can also create accounts on behalf of the employee.

Information for company administrators

Company administrators are responsible for managing and booking airside driver training and assessments on behalf of their staff. This is to ensure the company has endorsed the employees airside driving requirement.

Book employees in for New ADA Assessments or Renewals

To obtain an ADA Category 2 or 2.5 there are 3 steps to complete with the course title including the step (1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc), these steps will be completed in order with the next step only available on completion of the previous. For Cat 3 or 4 there are 2 steps.

If you need to cancel an in person booking (practical assessment) you MUST do so no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time to avoid the course fees. Cancelations within 24 hours will not be refunded.

Download the training checklist and drivers log of hours here

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For any other assistance or questions on airside vehicle control, please email [email protected].