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Operational Engagement

A number of committee’s, working groups and forums have been established to provide a platform for engagement, collaboration and innovation. Click on contact to request an invitation to attend.

Group Aim Membership Meeting Frequency Contact
Ramp Safety Committee To develop & promote a safety culture on the airside to ensure a safe airside environment. Operators involved in the turn-around of aircraft Quarterly Request Invite
Local Runway Safety Team To promote runway safety and mitigate against the risk of runway incidents. ATC, Airlines, Category 4 Vehicle Operators Biannual Request Invite
Airport Security Committee To develop & promote a security culture at the airport to ensure a secure airport environment. Major Domestic Airline Operators, Border Control Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies Biannual  
Airport Security Consultative Group To update airport operators on aviation security measures at the airport and regulatory changes. All airport operators Biannual Request Invite
Aerodrome Emergency Committee To develop, maintain & communicate emergency response procedures at Perth Airport. Includes sub-committees as required. Airline Operators, Ground Handling Agents, Emergency Response Agencies. 3 times a year Request Invite
Airport Fire Safety Committee To consider fire safety strategically across the Perth Airport Estate DFES, ARFFS, Airport Building Controller 3 times a year  
Aircraft Facilitation (FAL) To provide an overview of the runway slots for the upcoming season schedule. Airport Coordination Australia, Airline Operators, Border Control Agencies Biannual Request Invite
Border Control Agencies Discussion Group To consider improvements and/or upcoming changes affecting border control and customer experience. Border Control Agencies Fortnightly  
Ground Handling Agents Discussion Group To consider improvements and/or upcoming changes to operations. Ground Handling Agents Monthly Request Invite
Airport Consultative Environmental and Sustainability Group To inform and discuss relevant updates on Perth Airport developments and topics related to environmental management of the Perth Airport Estate. Major tenants, Government departments (local, state and federal) Quarterly Request Invite