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Tenant FAQs

Here are some helpful answers to questions we are frequently asked.

Emergency contacts and security

In the event of an emergency, contact ‘000’ immediately. You should also notify the Airport Control Centre of any emergencies on 9478 8500.

For incidents that are not life threatening, please notify the Airport Control Centre on 9478 8572.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) provide a community policing presence at Perth Airport through law enforcement, intelligence gathering, and terrorist deterrence and response. The unified policing capability at Perth Airport comprises Airport Police Commanders, Airport Uniformed Police, Joint Airport Investigation and Intelligence Teams, Counter Terrorist First Response, Police Aviation Liaison Officers, National Canine Capability Program and Air Security Offices. For further information, please contact the AFP on 131 237.

Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

In order to protect the integrity of Perth Airport’s secure areas, all persons entering a secure area are required to display an ASIC. There are a number of secure areas at Perth Airport and it is important that you understand the security requirements for the area you are entering.

Boundaries of the security zones are clearly identified by access control and regulatory signage. At Perth Airport’s controlled facilities, access can be provided to ASIC holders using a Perth Airport issued ASIC or a Secure Zone Access (SZA) card for bearers of ASICs issued by other agents.

Visitor Identification Card (VIC)

Visitors to the airport who don’t have an ASIC and wish to enter restricted security areas for operational reasons, may do so by obtaining a VIC. Valid photo identification must be provided for a VIC to be issued. All visitors holding a VIC must be accompanied by an ASIC holder at all times. Visitors may only receive daily VICs for a period of up to 28 days within a 12 month period. 

VICs are available from: 

  • Gate 1, Gate 4 and Gate 14 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Terminal 2 VIC Issuing Office (Baggage Services Counter) – M-F, 5am – 3.30pm
For more information about getting an ASIC, VIC or SZA, please contact the Perth Airport Security Services Office on (08) 9478 8454 M-F, 8.30am to 4pm.


Rent, outgoings and utilities are invoiced monthly and are payable in accordance with any lease agreement or, alternatively, by the due date on the invoice. If you have queries about your account or remittance advices, please contact your property manager in the first instance or, alternatively, please email [email protected].

Parking and transport

Perth Airport is required to establish a system for the control of landside vehicles at Perth Airport under the Airports Act 1996. All road and parking rules under Perth Airport’s control comply with standard Australian road rules.

Under Australian Government security requirements, the landside roads outside Perth Airport’s terminals are ‘no parking’ areas and vehicles must not be left unattended on these roads. Designated passenger pick-up and drop-off is only allowed here. Drivers must remain with their vehicle and may only remain in the pick-up/drop-off area for a maximum of two minutes. A vehicle is considered unattended if the driver of the vehicle is further than three metres from the vehicle at any one time. Other areas around the airport estate are considered to be “no parking”.

View restricted parking areas


Environmental management at Perth Airport is the responsibility of all staff, airline operators, business partners, tenants and contractors. Airport tenants, as operators of the airport, must take all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent pollution generation. Tenants must comply with relevant legislation, the Airport Environment Strategy (AES) and Perth Airport’s Environmental Policy. Perth Airport’s environment team is available to help our tenants understand and meet their individual environmental requirements.

Find out more about environment management at Perth Airport

Tenants are required to develop and comply with an Operational Environmental Management Plan (OEMP), unless formally exempted by Perth Airport. The OEMP must be developed to the satisfaction of Perth Airport, consistent with the Perth Airport Environmental Management Plan guidelines. Tenant OEMPs should demonstrate how they will comply with environmental regulations and demonstrate environmental stewardship initiatives. To help our new tenants fulfil these requirements, we provide guidelines to develop an OEMP.

Contact your property manager for guidelines

Under Commonwealth legislation, Perth Airport is required to audit its tenants against their Perth Airport approved OEMPs. In the event that non-conformance, or an area of concern being identified following an audit, we will ask tenants to develop an action plan, and will assist them to do this via a template that is available from our Environment team.

Building and facilities management

All tenants are responsible for repairs and maintenance within their own premises and, accordingly, are required to maintain and keep the premises in good substantial repair, working order and condition at all times.

Tenants occupying a building owned by Perth Airport who wish to log faults that require Perth Airport’s attention are required to use the online-based Maintenance Management System (MMS). Before logging faults, please refer to your lease agreement to determine whether the fault is an item that must be attended to by the tenant or the building owner. If unsure, please contact your property manager.

Each tenant is provided with a building specific login to use when logging faults. Please contact your property manager to get a login or a copy of the MMS User Guide. 

For tenants occupying buildings which are not owned by Perth Airport, any matters requiring Perth Airport’s attention should be reported to your property manager.

Access the MMS

Should an urgent after-hours fault need attention, tenants should contact the Airport Control Centre on (08) 9478 8572.

Building construction, alterations and fit-outs

Special licenses and permits required to operate any given business should be obtained from the relevant issuing authority, where applicable, and provided to Perth Airport for their records (e.g. Industrial Waste Permits). If you intent to carry out any works within your premises, you are required to obtain the relevant approvals prior to works commencing. Please contact your property manager in the first instance.