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Our new safety measures

Welcome back to Perth Airport, we’ve missed you.

We know you might be nervous, but you can be reassured we have introduced extra measures to help keep you safe while you travel through our terminals.

New measures to keep you safe at Perth Airport

Enhanced cleaning

Our cleaners are working around the clock to sanitise our terminals, car parks and transfer buses (where operating) particularly high touch areas including handrails, trolleys, screening areas and washrooms. Our security trays are also regularly sterilised with a long-lasting antimicrobial disinfectant for your protection.

Hand sanitiser stations

Hand sanitiser stations have been installed across our terminals including touchless stations in T4 and T2. These will be progressively rolled out across the other terminals in July.

Protective screens

To ensure contact is kept to a minimum, protective screens have been installed at the check-in desks at T4 and T3 with more to be installed across the airport throughout July. Remember you can also check in online with most airlines and avoid the queues.

Physical distancing

We have implemented physical distancing reminders throughout the terminals with signs, floor markings and public announcements to help guide you.

Contactless options

We recommend paying by card where you can, and all of our retail outlets accept contactless payments. Don’t forget to download the Perth Airport app to check your flight, book your parking and to receive up-to-date notifications.

Did you know that if you book your parking online, your licence plate will be recognised on arrival and a ticket will automatically be issued at the boom gate - further reducing contact and avoiding queues at pay machines.