Ultimate in convenience. Exclusive to T3 and T4

Online parking charges are calculated on a 24-hour basis from the time your booking commences. Partial days are charged at a full day rate if booked online. Parking for less than 24 hours? See our drive up rates.

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Valet parking

For the ultimate in convenience, use Valet Parking at T3/T4. Simply hand your keys to one of our fully-assured, professional valet staff and you’re on your way. Book online in advance for the best available prices.

  • Close - less than 1-minute walk to dedicated check-in.
  • Leave the keys with us - we'll take care of the rest.
  • Book online - and secure your space.
  • Safe and secure - with our fully-insured, professional Valet team.
  • Car cleaning - get that new car feel on return (optional extra)
  • Call us  - on (08) 9478 6924 for bookings or any change in your plans.

How does Valet Parking work?

  1. Book online in advance for the best available prices, or book via phone or simply drive up
  2. Hand your keys to the team at the Valet desk - who will park your car and keep your car and your keys safe and secure while you're away
  3. Your car will be ready and waiting in the Valet pick-up area when you return

Valet Parking prices

Duration Rate (A$)*
2 hours $20
2 hours - 1 day $65
2 days $105
3 days $150
4 days $192
5 days $220
6 days $260
7 days $300
Each additional day, or part thereof $35

Day rates are based on a 24-hour period, not a calendar day period. Rates are subject to change without notice. Above rates are $AUD, inclusive of GST and are correct as at 1 August 2019.

Car cleaning options

Valet customers can access the following as optional extras and get that new car feel on return.

Service Rate (A$)*
Car exterior clean $55
4WD/van exterior clean $65
Car exterior and interior clean $69
4WD exterior clean and interior clean $85
Mini detail $210
Full detail $280

Valet Parking Location

Enter Valet Parking off Miller Road, via Fauntleroy Avenue.