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From healthy juices to locally roasted coffee, get hydrated with a taste of WA before you hit the sky

So, we're not only going to helpfully remind you that hydrating is super important stuff before you head sky-bound, but let you in on a handy secret... Western Australians are an oh so talented lot when it comes to making great tasting beverages!

Here are some of our fav refreshing tastes of WA that you can find right here at the airport. 


These guys know how to deliver flavour and they do so in their range of premium soft drinks that are made down in the heart of beautiful Margaret River. Featuring herbs and in some cases up to 10 per cent fruit juice, their refreshing drinks are a terrific option to quench your thirst before you take flight. Keep an eye out for their Triple G Ginger Beer, Lemon Lime & Bitters and Citron Presse flavours at T1 International's Harvest Food Store or 6000 Acres, or T3's Three Bears.

Margaret River Beverages available at Perth Airport


So, you know how us Aussies are colossally serious coffee snobs, right? Well, what better place to show off our top local artisan brews to our guests than right here at the airport. Luckily, our specialty coffee roasting mates at Blacklist Coffee Roasters make a mean blend right down the road in Perth suburb Welshpool, which you can now enjoy at T3's Gibson + Giles. They even won a gold medal at the 2018 Australian International Coffee Awards for their Queen Bee blend (making it the highest scoring coffee from WA and one of only seven gold medals awarded internationally), so you sure know it'll be good!

Blacklist Coffee Roasters' blend available from Gibson and Giles


With the endless sunshine, sand, quality food and pristine outdoors, it's pretty easy to be sucked into living a healthy lifestyle here in WA. 6000 Acres at T1 International has some super healthy Cold Pressed Juices by the passionate Michael Brothers who believe a healthy lifestyle begins with the food and drink we consume. They have farming backgrounds and strong relationships with some of WA's most reputable growers, allowing them to source the most nutritionally dense fruit & veg to bring you a dose of unpasteurised and preservative-free, natural tasty Cold Pressed Juices.

Michael Brothers Cold Pressed Juices


We've got the perfect beverage to prep those about to head off on a 17-hour jaunt across the world. Roogenic's Native Relaxation Tea is a sleeping tea that actually works. Their range also comes in Lemon Myrtle & Rose and Strawberry flavours, and their ingredients are carefully selected for their natural properties as recognised by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years. You'll find them up for grabs at Gibson + Giles and Three Bears.

Roogenic Iced Tea from Gibson and Giles at T3


This homegrown fave never disappoints. Rockingham-based Five Senses Coffee is one of WA's biggest roasters and only roast their beans to order - so you know they're super fresh! Three Bear's (T3) coffee bean of choice is the Five Senses Crompton Road Blend and it's the perfect morning, afternoon or night fix. Five Senses is also available at 6000 Acres (T1 International).

Five Senses Coffee available from 6000 Acres

So next when you fly, take time to enjoy some of our Local & Loved flavours available at Perth Airport.

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