How to book a car at Perth Airport

Finding the best car hire is now quick and easy

All you have to do is compare deals to find the vehicle that will best suit your budget and preference. So whether you are in search of a cheap hire car or luxury vehicle, we can help you find your perfect rental car.

1. Search

Type in the location (pickup and return) to get a list of rental cars near your location.

Choose the pickup and return date and time. Choose the driver's residency and age, then click on


2. Compare

We have created a great booking system that highlights the current car rental rates from the most trusted car hire suppliers in Australia. This means you can compare prices and book a rental car in less than two minutes!

You can now start comparing rental cars and click


3. Book

Put all the required details into the booking form and select

Book car hire

Sit back, relax, and wait a few seconds for your confirmation email/SMS.

Pick up your car rental

Once you have completed all documentation at the car hire rental desk, you will be given instructions on where the vehicle is located in the outside car park area.