Temporary Terminal Closures

02 February, 2022
Perth Airport has confirmed it will temporarily close terminals to reduce its operational costs as passenger numbers remain low.

The closures will be phased in over the weekend and will be in full effect by Monday 7 February.

This will include:

  • Terminal 1 Domestic will be fully closed, with all Virgin Australian flights moving to Terminal 2.
  • Terminal 3 will only be open from 3.30am to 8.00am on weekdays to service FIFO flights and will be closed during the rest of the day.

The closures will mean that FIFO flights will need to be smoothed out over a slightly longer peak period.

Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown said the closures were a sensible and responsible step to take.

“Covid-19 has had a catastrophic impact on the aviation sector and Perth Airport has not been immune to that,” Mr Brown said.

“Despite some huge financial losses, we’ve done the right thing by WA by keeping our runways and terminals operational.

“That has ensured the resources sector could continue to operate, that freight could move into and out of the State, and that Western Australians could return home safely from overseas.

“Last financial year, it cost us more than $6 per passenger to keep our airport open and we posted the first financial loss ($64.5 million) in our history.

“Our shareholders, who represent the retirement savings of around 8 million Australian workers, cannot be expected to continue to bear this cost.

“Airports have high fixed operational costs and running multiple terminals while we have very low passenger flows is simply unsustainable.

“We are simply repeating the actions we took at the height of the pandemic, steps which helped us weather the financial storm.

“Only 4,000 interstate passengers have moved through Terminal 1 Domestic this January, compared to almost 50,000 for the same period pre-Covid.

“We will be working with our airline and retail partners to minimise as far as possible any impacts from these temporary measures.”

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