Our Vision

Perth Airport's vision is to be Australia's western hub - connecting lives, businesses and communities to a world full of possibilities.

Our Guiding Values

We are one team delivering great service and keeping you safe. 

Being brave and thinking big, we embrace the future. 

We are creative, curious and continuously learning. 

We get things done!

Our ESPG Commitment

Perth Airport has a significant role to play in the prosperity and well-being of Western Australia and its people. 

We aspire to be a sustainability leader, and commit to act ethically, sustainably and responsibly in our commercial operations. 

Our highly engaged workforce must represent the global community in which we live. 

We acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians of the land on which Perth Airport operates, and commit to working in partnership with them and the broader communities we serve. 

We commit to sustainable development principles and understand that our success goes hand-in-hand with operating sustainably and meeting today’s challenges while planning for the future.

Our Key Program Areas

We periodically conduct a comprehensive materiality assessment to determine which sustainability topics are important to our business and our stakeholders.

Our materiality assessment involves an in-depth study of a range of internal and external inputs and interviews with key stakeholders to identify and prioritise relevant topics. These issues are then mapped against those that are most important to our business and where we have the greatest impact. This is followed by a verification process with our senior leaders.

The Key Program Areas that have been identified are as follows:

Key Program Areas ESPG targets

Our ESPG Targets

Environmental Targets:

    • Reduction of PAPL-only Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions to be carbon neutral by 2030​

    • 50% Renewable Energy across all of PAPL Estate by 2030 (incl. PAPL, tenants and operators)​

    • No net loss of biodiversity from future development

    • Preservation of Munday Swamp Wetland​

    • 20% decrease in PAPL waste to landfill, 75% increase in recycling by 2030

    • PAPL scheme water use (total) to remain below 2019 levels at 2030 despite expansion strategy (excl. Tenants/others)​

    • ACA Level 4 Accreditation by 2026

Some of Perth Airport’s Other ESPG Targets:

    • RAP moves to stretch level by 2024 and elevate level by 2026

    • Sustainability certifications for all new infrastructure projects ​

    • PAPL workforce is reflective of population diversity metrics by FY25​

    • 40:40:20 gender diversity mix at all levels of the business by FY24