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Airport Services

The Perth Airport Services Office provides airport operators, contractors and other third parties with a broad range of services including:
  • Aviation Security Identification Cards (ASICs);
  • Authority to Drive Airside licences (ADAs);
  • Extended Visitor Identification Cards (EVICs);
  • Contractor Cards;
  • And many more. 

Aviation Security Identification Card

Aviation Security Identification Cards are a requirement for non-exempt persons who access secure areas as part of their employment.

Please visit the ASIC Online page for information regarding Aviation Security Identification Cards.

Secure Zone Access 

If you require electronic access to a landside or airside secure area of Perth Airport you will need to submit a Secure Zone Access application.

Additional Door 

If you currently have electronic access but have an operational requirement to access additional doors as part of your duties, you will need to submit an Additional Door application.

Authority to Drive Airside

Please visit the Airside Driving page for information regarding Airside Licensing.

Daily Visitor Identification Cards (VIC) and Extended Visitor Identification Cards (EVIC)

If you require temporary or intermittent access to an airside or a landside secure area of Perth Airport you will need to apply for a Visitors Identification Card for up to a maximum of 28 days in a calendar year. If the applicant requires access to the airport for more than 28 days within a 12-month period, an ASIC application must be submitted.

Airport Services Offfice contact details
IMPORTANT: The Airport Services Office closes at 1:30pm the third Friday of every month.