Guzman y Gomez

Autentico, Mexicano, Delicioso!

The Guzman y Gomez experience is about all things Latin; the food, the music, the vibrancy. Known for their real Mexican flavours, this taqueria is the perfect stopover for the hungry traveller.

Pouring passion into every ingredient, where it comes from and how it’s prepared, Guzman y Gomez are all about the food. Whether you're after breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, be transported to “Me-hi-co” - grab a humble burrito, nachos loaded with flavour, quesadillas (the toastie of Mexico), crunchy churros, plus more. There is even a range of meal options that appeal to little tastebuds.

With a thirst for all things Latin that goes beyond food, Guzman y Gomez offer a range of delicious drinks, whether it’s a refreshing soft drink or alcoholic beverage.