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Which terminal

There are some exciting changes happening at Perth Airport with Qantas now operating their international services from T3/T4.

Here's a quick guide to help get you to the right terminal.

There are four terminals at Perth Airport - T1, T2, T3 and T4 - located at two terminal precincts that are separated by a short, 15 minute drive: the T1/T2 precinct and the T3/T4 precinct.

Remember to check your itinerary carefully, or contact your airline, to make sure you go to the right terminal, as a number of airlines operate from more than one terminal. 

Terminal  Services 
Terminal 1 (T1) International  Most international services 
Terminal 1 (T1) Domestic  Virgin Australia (all interstate and some regional services) 
Terminal 2 (T2) Alliance Airlines (regional services)
Tigerair (interstate services)
Virgin Australia (most regional services)
Regional Express Airlines (regional services) 
Terminal 3 (T3) / Terminal 4 (T4) Qantas (international, interstate and regional services) 
Jetstar (interstate and regional services)