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Which terminal

There are some exciting changes happening at Perth Airport with Qantas now operating their international services from T3/T4.

Here's a quick guide to help get you to the right terminal.

There are four terminals at Perth Airport - T1, T2, T3 and T4 - located at two terminal precincts that are separated by a short, 15 minute drive: the T1/T2 precinct and the T3/T4 precinct.

Remember to check your itinerary carefully, or contact your airline, to make sure you go to the right terminal, as a number of airlines operate from more than one terminal. 

Qantas independently operate T4, and you can find more information about the T4 facilities and services on the Qantas website

Terminal  Services 
Terminal 1 (T1) International  Most international services 
Terminal 1 (T1) Domestic  Virgin Australia (all interstate and some regional services) 
Terminal 2 (T2) Alliance Airlines (regional services)
Tigerair (interstate services)
Virgin Australia (most regional services)
Regional Express Airlines (regional services) 
Terminal 3 (T3)
Terminal 4 (T4)
Jetstar (interstate and regional services)
Qantas (international, interstate and regional services)