Public Viewing Area

Enjoy a near runway experience at Perth Airport’s outdoor viewing area where you can watch aircraft arrivals and departures on the main runway, Runway 03/21.  

Free to the public, the viewing area is as close as you will get to watching aircraft arrivals and departures without boarding a plane and allows people the opportunity to view the wide variety of aircraft that land at Perth Airport – from the commonly used Boeing 737 to unique aircraft such as the Antonov 124. 

The platform has been designed with a range of unique features such as a shelter in the shape of the body section of a Boeing 747, and a section of paving that is 120 feet in length – the same length as the first ever airborne flight undertaken by the Wright brothers on 17 December 1903. Educational signage is also in place at the platform so that people can learn about the history of aviation and the airport while they watch the aircraft. 

The viewing area is located on Dunreath Drive (click here for map) and is open between 6.30am and 7.00pm (October to March) and 7.30am and 5.30pm (April to September). The area is wheelchair accessible and has been designed to preserve and showcase the natural environment.  

Please note that pets are not permitted at the facility and there are also no laser pointers allowed. Perth Airport’s Viewing Area is a smoke free zone.  

Depending on weather conditions, there will be times when aircraft do not use the runway closest to the viewing platform, Runway 03/21 so aircraft may not be visible at some times. 

This facility is part of Perth Airport’s redevelopment plan and ongoing commitment to improving the airport experience for its visitors.

     Walkway to viewing platformPlanes taking off and landing at Perth Airport