Which terminal map

There are four terminals at Perth Airport that offer regional, interstate and international air 
services - T1, T2, T3 and T4.

From Sunday 22 November, the new T1 Domestic Terminal will become home to Virgin Australia's domestic services and they will no longer operate from T3. All of their services will operate from either T1 or T2.

It is important to check your itinerary carefully or contact your airline to ensure you go to the correct terminal, as a number of airlines operate from more than one terminal




Terminal 1 (T1) International

All international services

Airport Drive

Terminal 1 (T1) Domestic Virgin Australia (all interstate and some regional services) Airport Drive

Terminal 2 (T2)

Alliance Airlines 

Tigerair (interstate services) 

Virgin Australia (most regional services)

Sugarbird Lady Road, which can be accessed from Airport Drive

Terminal 3 (T3)

Jetstar (all services)

Qantas (some services) 

Brearley Avenue 

Passengers are able to walk between T3 & T4.

Terminal 4 (T4)   

Qantas (interstate and some regional services)

Brearley Avenue 

Passengers are able to walk between T3 & T4.

General Aviation

Perth Airport also includes several smaller operations, which provide charter services and services to specific regional areas in Western Australia.

The General Aviation precinct spans Fauntleroy Avenue, Bungana Avenue, Newton Road and Valentine Road.

A terminal transfer bus operates every 20 minutes between T1/T2 and T3/T4.

Please note that, in line with current legislation, Perth Airport is a smoke free zone. Public smoking areas are located in specifically designated areas outside the terminal buildings. There are no smoking facilities once you have entered terminal buildings.