Waste Management Program

Perth Airport's target is to reduce waste to landfill by 20% and increase recycling by 75% by 2030.

Give your waste a second life! Perth Airport has launched a trial for a revamped waste system in T4, which includes an additional Containers for Change waste stream in its promise to prioritise recycling and significantly reduce landfill. 

The new three bin system has been rolled out throughout the Terminal and now includes a red landfill bin, a yellow recycling bin and a white Containers for Change bin, each with tailored signage that will assist passengers in correct waste disposal.

The trial is a crucial step towards Perth Airports newly released sustainability targets, which highlights a decrease in waste to landfill by 20% and increase in recycling by 75% by 2030. 

Containers for Change is a state-wide container deposit scheme which offers a ten-cent refund for each eligible container returned. The 10c symbol found on selected containers is an indicator to deem which items are eligible in the scheme. The container scheme is aimed at beverage containers only and includes plastic drink bottles, aluminium cans, glass bottles and liquid paperboard containers.

For a full list of eligible containers, learn more on the Containers for Change Website. 

Containers for Change - 762 x 389

The waste is sorted, processed, and sold to approved recyclers where the containers are then transformed into new products and can even play a role in forming aeroplane wings. 

Not only does the scheme help to drastically reduce waste to landfill, but it also benefits the local community. For every item deposited into the Containers for Change scheme, Perth Airport will donate 100% of the refunds directly to Lifeline Australia. We have also partnered with a well-known community-based organisation, Scouts WA, who will provide a pick-up service for our waste.

To help the airport reach its waste targets and fully support lifeline, download the following Scheme ID to scan when you recycle your containers at any Container refund point:

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