Hatchery Collective Bar & Grill

Hatchery Collective Bar & Grill showcases the finest of the West Coast’s craft and artisanal producers, be they bakers, winemakers, brewers, distillers or designers.

Hatchery Collective is a warm and comfortable all day bar and restaurant, where you will be immersed in emerging producers of local bread, wine, beer, gin, cheese – all contributing to a rich and distinctly Western Australian experience.

The Hatchery Collective Grill menu also highlights local producers, all roasted in our state of the art grill.

The Bar team will excite and delight your taste buds with our bespoke cocktail creations, local independent and craft beer as well as ciders on tap, supported by the extensive packaged drinks selection, all complemented by our quintessentially Western Australian wine list.

We are a “Hatchery” of new experiences and we invite you to grow your horizons, create and spread your wings.