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Airport Services

Please note: All customers are required to make an appointment before attending the Airport Services Office.


The Perth Airport Services Office provides airport operators, contractors and other third parties with a broad range of services including:

  • Aviation Security Identification Cards (ASICs);
  • Authority to Drive Airside licences (ADAs);
  • Extended Visitor Identification Cards (EVICs);
  • Contractor Cards;
  • And many more. 

Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

Aviation Security Identification Cards are a requirement for non-exempt persons who access secure areas as part of their employment.

Please visit the ASIC Online page for information regarding Aviation Security Identification Cards.

Visitor Identification Cards (VIC)

If you require temporary or intermittent access to an airside or a landside secure area of Perth Airport you will need to apply for a Visitor Identification Card (VIC). Please see our Visitor Passes page for information.

Secure Zone Access (SZA)

If you require electronic access to a landside or airside secure area of Perth Airport you will need to submit a Secure Zone Access application.

If you already have electronic access and require additional doors or access to perform your operational duties at Perth Airport you will need to resubmit an SZA application. Please list specific details of the additional doors or areas you require and provide a detailed operational reason to support your request. 

Authority to Drive Airside (ADA)

Please visit the Airside Driving page for information regarding Airside Licensing.

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