Baggage allowances

Each airline has its own requirements and limits for checked and carry-on baggage, including for sporting equipment. Your baggage allowances are usually provided to you at the time of booking. Please check with your airline before you fly to avoid confusion or delays when you arrive at Perth Airport.

Unattended baggage

Please keep your personal belongings with you at all times while at Perth Airport. All items left unattended will be treated as suspicious and reported to the Australian Federal Police. It is important that you pack your own bags and never take items on board an aircraft for someone else. 

Delayed or damaged baggage

If your checked baggage has not arrived at Perth Airport, or has been damaged during your flight, please contact your airline.

Baggage trolleys

Baggage trolleys are available at all terminals to lighten your load. If you’re arriving internationally, or using our Short Term Car Parks, you can find a trolley to use free-of-charge. For all other locations, there is a $4.00 non-refundable fee per trolley.

  • T1 International, Baggage Reclaim (Free)
  • T1 Forecourt ($4.00)
  • T1 Short Term Car Park (Free)
  • T1 Domestic, Baggage Reclaim ($4.00)
  • T3/T4 Forecourt ($4.00)
  • T3/T4 International, Baggage Reclaim (Free)
  • T3/T4 Domestic, Baggage Reclaim ($4.00)

Baggage storage

Lockers are available at all terminals for short-term storage of luggage up to six weeks. Simply secure your bag/s inside a locker and make payment. You’ll then be issued with a ticket containing a one-off PIN code that you use to retrieve your bag/s from the locker.

Smarte Carte at T1 International is open 24/7 and offers storage for your oversized items like surfboards, golf bags and windsurfers.

For enquiries about storage, please contact Smarte Carte.

Locker fees and sizes

  • Small locker (420mm H x 900mm D x 420mm W), 0 – 24 hours $12.00
  • Medium locker (520mm H x 900mm D x 420mm W), 0 – 24 hours $14.00
  • Large locker (864mm H x 900mm D x 420mm W), 0 – 24 hours $16.00

Locker locations

  • T1 International - within the Short Term Car Park nearest the public Arrivals Hall
  • T1 Domestic and T2 - on the pathway between T1 and T2
  • T3/T4 - along the walkway between the terminal and the Short Term Car Park