Meet & greet

Domestic passengers

You are welcome to proceed through security screening to greet an arriving or departing domestic passenger, however, you will be subject to normal security screening procedures. You may move around freely in the general areas of the terminals after screening, but will not be able to continue past the boarding gate.

International passengers

Unfortunately, you may not proceed through security to meet any arriving or departing international passengers. Please say your goodbyes before screening and know that you will only be able to meet arriving international passengers in the public arrivals hall, after they have completed the arrivals process.

Picking someone up?

To help keep traffic flowing, the bays right outside all terminals are available only for immediate pick-up or drop-off. You can park and wait free-of-charge for up to 1 hour in any of our Long Term car parks before heading to the pick-up area outside a terminal when your passenger is ready to go. 

Find out about passenger pickup here

Alternatively, Short Term parking, which is free for the first 10 minutes, is also a great option when picking up passengers at Perth Airport.