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FIFO Program

Perth Airport offers employees the opportunity to salary package airport parking to access further savings and enjoy a touchless airport parking experience.

Employee benefits:

  • Online parking price pre-tax
  • No pre-booking required
  • Parking pass for touchless entry and exit
  • No need to keep receipts
  • Access to exclusive offer rewards

How it works:

  • Registered employers distribute Perth Airport parking passes to eligible employees
  • Employees use their parking pass to enter and exit the car park
  • Perth Airport provides a monthly usage summary to the employer
  • The employer may then apply the accrued parking cost per employee as a pre-tax adjustment to the employee's salary payment

Example: Jackie is a FIFO worker that earns $140,000 per annum and works on an 8 days on 6 days off roster. She parks 22 time a year at Perth Airport. Over a one year period Jackie could save $1,444 vs standard gate rates and could pay less than half price for each parking stay by using pre-tax dollars.

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Disclaimer: The information summarised above is not financial or taxation advice and should not be relied upon to establish a salary sacrifice packaging system at the airport. It does not take into account your specific circumstances and you should obtain your own independent advice.