Picking someone up?

1-hour free parking in LongTerm & Regional

1 hr free icon
Park and wait free-of-charge for up to 1 hour in any of our LongTerm & Regional car parks. Take a ticket upon entry and insert the same ticket at the exit within 1 hour. There's no need to validate the ticket. If you go over the 1 hour free parking, you'll be prompted to pay a parking fee at the gate upon exit.

Plan ahead and ask your passenger to text or call you when they're ready to go. When they're ready to be picked up, head to the bays at the front of the terminal. To help keep traffic flowing, these bays are available only for immediate pick-up or drop-off.

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Get flight info while you wait via the Perth Airport app or website.

Park for 4 hours in LongTerm & Regional for only $10

No need to pre-book, simply drive up to any LongTerm or Regional carpark.

Prefer to be close?

ShortTerm parking is right outside the terminal and allows you to welcome your friend or family in your own time, and in comfort.

Express pick-up and drop-off

Express pick-up and drop-off at T2

If you are a regular visitor to T2, you may have experienced traffic congestion and long wait times to access the pick-up & drop-off lanes.

To improve access, we have introduced a new Express Pick-up & Drop-off system at T2, allowing drivers five minutes to complete pick-up or drop-off. 

Drivers who stay longer than five minutes in the pick-up or drop-off area will be charged an overstay fee.